What Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

  • Verification of the building features and improvements to mitigate wind-driven damages
  • Created after Hurricane Andrew, not many people in FL know about this
  • Designed to provide discounts on home insurance premiums

What Is Included In A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

The Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form has seven sections.

  • Building Code
  • Roof Covering
  • Roof Deck Attachment
  • Roof to Wall Attachment
  • Roof Geometry (Roof Shape)
  • Secondary Water Resistance
  • Opening Protection

What Improvements Can I Make To Get The Discount On The Home Insurance?

Typical examples of home improvements that can save you on the insurance premium are as follows. 

  • Roofing coverings and installation that meet Florida Building Code
  • Plywood/OSB roof sheathing with minimum thickness of 7/16 inch attached to the roof truss/rafter by 8d common nails spaced a maximum of 6 inches.
  • Metal roof to wall connectors consisting of two separate straps secured with a minimum of 2 nails on front side and a minimum of 1 nail of the opposing side
  • Hip roof shape
  • Secondary Water Resistance under the roof covering 
  • Verified impact resistant cover for all openings

I Have A Home Built After 2004. Do I Still Need A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

  • Any homes built prior to 2002
  • The discounts for the home built after 2002 are built in a quote already. 
  • The proof of opening protection is required regardless of the year the house was built.

100% of the inspection companies will give you a discount of having a Wind Mitigation Inspection done at the same time when you order a general home inspection. If separated, you may have to pay two to three times more.

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