What Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Cover?

Just like a buyer’s home inspection, a pre-listing inspection covers major systems and looks for signs of water damage and cracks. Learn more here

Why Do You Want to Have a Pre-Listing Inspection Done Prior to Listing?

  • Saves money on improvement
    • A pre-listing inspection can help you prioritize which improvement and upgrades to complete before listing. By discussing improvement options with your home inspector, you can invest on the most crucial upgrades that will attract the potential buyers and delay the less important ones. The buyers are not always concerned with the color of wall paint.
  • Attract serious buyers
    • The buyers know that homeownership comes with the maintenance and repairs. When you reveal what was in the pre-listing inspection and the repairs that you made, the buyers will be more attracted to your home then the one without the inspection. This openness will earn the buyer’s trust as well. Gaining trust is one of the best marketing strategies that every business employs.
  • More negotiating power
    • You already know what is going to come up during the buyer’s inspection. You can set the market price accordingly. This pricing strategy will give you stronger negotiation power. This is especially important if you are selling “For Sale By Owner” as will be working directly with buyer and buyer’s agent.
  • No fear of losing a buyer over the condition of home
    • The buyer will hire a home inspector to perform an inspection once you accept the offer. No matter how long you lived in the house, there may be hidden defects that may surface during the buyers’ home inspection. There is a risk of the buyer walking away because the results of the inspection. Yet you are still left with the defects that need to be repaired before putting the house on the market again. It is a smart decision to know ahead of time what a buyer will find during the home inspection.

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How Much does a Standard Home Inspection Cost?

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