Why Do I Need A Swimming Pool/Spa Inspection?

  • The most expensive system ($37K to $67 for a brand new basic in-ground pool
  • The average cost of resurfacing is about $6,500 in Tampa area
  • Provides the information for negotiation or for budgeting for future improvement

What Is Included In A Swimming Pool/Spa Inspection?

  • Pool Barrier Requirements
  • Pool Electrical
  • Circulating System
  • Pool Interior
  • Pool Deck
  • Accessories

What Is Not Included In A Swimming Pool/Spa Inspection?

  • Adequacies of system or components
  • Structural Integrity
  • Water Quality Testing

These are some of my limitations when I conduct a pool/spa inspection. Other inspectors may have different limitations. Please email, call, or text me to learn more about Standard of Practice and Limitations.