As a licensed and certified home inspector, my detailed inspections empower customers to know they are making a well-informed decision on their purchases . With over 20 years as a US Navy Veteran, with field experience in facility construction, repair, maintenance, and quality control, at Fair Winds Building Inspection Services, I understand the importance of a well-constructed and safe structure. I am committed to the safety of you and your family. Whether you are a home buyer, seller or maintaining your current home, standard home inspections in Land O Lakes FL give the customers the confidence and understanding of their potential purchase.

Home Inspection

Detailed and thorough home inspections will provide you with all the answers and knowledge you need regarding your home. I am certified and licensed inspector and will examine the entire interior and exterior of a house from the roof to the foundation including walkways, decks, porches, grading of the property, trees, garage, chimney, and skylights. The interior inspections include all major appliances, plumbing system, electrical system, HVAC system, testing of all outlets, doors, windows and every room from the floor to the attic. In addition, I will inspect the crawlspace , gutters, outlets, fireplace , roof coverings – any and all areas of the home!

When the home inspection is completed, each customer receives a report via email with clear explanations of the inspection findings. In addition,  I include high quality images to help clarify any areas of concern. After reviewing the report, if you still have questions, I am always available to assist.

Pool Inspection

If a house you are considering to purchase has a pool,  I suggest adding a pool inspection at the time of your home inspection. A pool inspection includes the pool barrier, electrical and circulating systems, pool interior and the pool deck.  If there are repairs needed, with detailed findings, you have the ability to negotiate for costs to be reduced from the overall price or for repairs to be completed before the purchase.

Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection follows the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form. These important areas include:

  • Building Code
  • Opening Protection
  • Roof Covering
  • Roof Deck Attachment
  • Roof Geometry (Roof Shape)
  • Roof to Wall Attachment
  • Secondary Water Resistance

Due to the local weather, wind mitigation inspections are important to determine the safety of a home. If the home was built prior to 2002 a wind mitigation inspection is highly suggested. Not only will the detailed inspection provides peace of mind knowing the home is protected but it may also add a reduction to your home insurance premiums.

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