Home Buyers

  • Why do I need a home inspector?

    • Don’t need to buy a money pit – according to porch.com 86% of home inspection found something to be repaired
    • Better position during the negotiation
    • Forecast future maintenance
    • Opportunity to opt-out
  • Before you hire a home inspector

    • Conduct an interview
      • License and certification
      • Professional liability and Error & Omission Insurance
      • Full time or a part-time home inspector
      • Sample report
      • Member of a professional home inspector association
      • Training and skills
    • Find out the limitations and exclusions
    • Compare the cost – “You get what you pay for”
    • Read and understand the Pre-Inspection Agreement (Contract)
  • During the inspection

    • Have a pen and paper ready to take notes
    • Ask questions when appropriate – “You don’t want to distract the inspector too much”
    • Ask when you can receive the report
    • Set up a time and date to go over the report – “this is a part of what you pay for”
  • After the inspection

    • Go over the report with the same inspector and address any concerns
      • The inspectors will not
        • Specify how to fix
        • Recommend any specific entity to repair (may give a couple of choices)
        • Perform the repair (this is against FL law)
    • Discuss the future home maintenance items and start budgeting for them
    • Leave a good review on their website or social media platforms (FB, Tweeters and etc)

What Services are being offered?

Let’s Find Out! See all inspection services being offered here.

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