What Is A Builder Warranty Inspection?

  • An inspection of a newly constructed house before the warranty period runs out
  • Most of the builders offer a warranty for a year.
  • May be performed anytime during a warranty period but at 11-month mark is typical

Is A Builder Warranty Inspection Different Than A General Home Inspection?

  • Covers the same components
  • More in-depth such as cosmetic issues which a general home inspection would not cover

What If I Elected Not To Have A Builder’s Warranty Inspection?

  • No house is perfect
  • Paying for the repair out of your pocket
  • Risk of buyer walking away when you put the house on the market

What Should I Do After A Builder’s Warranty Inspection?

  • Follow the procedure within the prescribed time frame
  • Must provide a written notice
  • Contractor has right to inspect to validate the claim
  • Contractor must respond in writing
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